Installation of CCTV cameras throughout the BandraKruz area is an ongoing process to provide an environment of safety and security to the local residents.

On 23rd August, CCTV camera link-ups of the following areas were inaugurated in the presence of local residents of the BandraKruz area - 14th Road, 15th Road, 16th Road, (Roads between 30th Road and 33rd Road), 24th Road, 26th Road, Pali Village and Dr. Ambedkar Road (part).

On 24th August, an event was held at Mangal Mahesh Co-Op. Housing Society for the inauguration of CCTV link-up of all roads between 33rd Road and CD Marg namely-13th Road, 14th Road, 15th Road, 16th Road, 17th Road (Part), 21st Road and Dr. Ambedkar Road (part).

On August 10, the CCTV camera link ups of Bazaar Road, St. Peter's Road, Chapel Road, Waroda Road and Veronica Road were handed over at the Chapel Road police chowky in the presence of the local residents, who had turned up in big numbers for the event.

We strongly believe in using modern technology to make the locality safer and this contributes to our vision of bringing the entire BandraKruz area under CCTV surveillance.