Established by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Bhabha Hospital, which is located in Bandra West, has been serving the public of BandraKruz since many decades.

Recently, in an effort to enhance the medical facilities at the hospital, which in turn would ensure quality medical care to patients, around 3 Neo-Natal ventilators, 6 Photo-Therapy units, 6 Baby-Warmers and 10 Syringe-Pumps were made available to the Bhabha hospital. This initiative and effort was taken by Baba Siddique and the same was donated by actress Katrina Kaif.

The units have proved to be a shot in the arm for the Bhabha hospital management, who were quite grateful of the gesture. Health is wealth as they say and all efforts are taken to ensure that future citizens of BandraKruz get the best medical attention that they can get through such initiatives.