With regards the Hill Road concretization project the BMC had issued notices for setbacks to religious places, school ground and graveyard. There was severe resentment for the same from the local residents' who collectively protested against it strongly.

Ms.Priya Dutt, MP & Mr. Baba Siddique, MLA intervened in the same and at a joint meeting with the Municipal Commissioner and other officers of the BMC held on 27th November 2006 along with the local residents' and representatives of the Parsi Agiary, St. Stanislaus School, St. Andrews Parish. The assurance was given by Mr. Baba Siddique, that no set back would be taken from any of the Heritage religious institutions, school grounds, graveyard and if further needed the intervention of Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister Maharashtra would be sort to initiate efforts for the same at the level of the Urban Development Ministry..

A follow up meeting was organised on 23rd April 2007 chaired by Hon'ble Shri. Chandrakant Handore, Guardian Minister, Mumbai regarding "Widening of Hill Road" at Collector Office, Bandra which was again attended by various members of the Hill Road Monitoring Committee along with representatives of the Parsi Agiary, St.Peter's Church and St. Andrews Church.

Baba Siddique submitted that as per rule 64 (a) (ll) of Development Control Rules, the Municipal Commissioner has rights to realign the road so as to save these structures. He further submitted that though the Municipal Commissioner as above stated under section 64(a)(ll) of DCR had the right to take the decision on the realignment and if so required due to any reasons could also send the proposal to Urban Development Department under Rule 62(3) of Development Control Rule for changing alignment on the Hill Road. In such a case then the Urban Development Department would have to take the decision. Baba Siddique requested Hon'ble Guradian Minister to take up matter with B.M.C. and State Government and get proposed realignment.

Hon'ble Guardian Minister Shri. Chandrakant Handore assured all members of the delegation that the sentiments of the public would be taken into consideration and the matter would be resolved to its logical end. Peace and tranquility of the Heritage sacred burial ground, Parsi Agiary and School Ground remains undisturbed.